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Environmental Protection
Corporate sustainability and environmental initiatives
We recognize the risks posed by climate change and fully embrace the concept of environmental responsibility as a part of our corporate sustainability strategy by operating in an environmentally responsible manner.
On a day to day basis, this means that we are committed to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions, conserve water and other resources. We have already made significant progress in these directions through our shops and supply chain and there will be many more similar initiatives by working with our business partners.
Most importantly, we fully realize that sustainability is good for business : not only do we save costs, but through the sustainability initiatives we are able to build a strong link with our customers and the communities on which we operate, who are becoming more and more environmentally conscious.
Being environmentally responsible is an important pillar of our corporate identity and corporate culture.
Earth Hour in 2010
We have actively supported “Earth Hour” in both 2009 and 2010. Signages and spot lights at the front doors, air-conditioning and lightings in the bakeries were switched off at all Saint Honore Cake Shops in Hong Kong and Macau.
Initiatives to reduce carbon foot print
We have also reduced electricity consumption conscientiously by switching to energy saving light bulbs. At the end of 2009, 40% of the in-store bakery in Hong Kong changed to T5 fluorescent tubes. By consolidating the delivery route, Saint Honore Hong Kong was able to reduce the total number of deliveries by about 3,000 points per month, resulting in a significant saving in fuel consumption and reduction in carbon emission.
Since 2007, Saint Honore Hong Kong has been using bio-degradable materials for parts of its mooncake packaging. It entered an one-year Voluntary Agreement on Management of Mooncake Packaging in September 2008 with the Environmental Protection Department to reduce the environmental impact of mooncake packaging.
In 2009, Saint Honore Hong Kong reduced the packaging materials per unit weight of mooncake to the 2008's level, adopting packaging materials that were recyclable with minimum environmental impact on post-consumption management. To support and facilitated recovery and recycling of used packaging materials is also one of Saint Honore's key company initiatives.
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