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Peppa Pig with Crown (2.8 LB)
Filling : Mixed Fruit Cake

Product Description :
Mixed Cream Cake surrounded with strawberry and blueberries, and topped with 3D shape of chocolate crown and any numbers you want for celebration.
(DIY chocolate numbers is subject to the customer decision, max up to 3 digits)

9hr Express: Order by 9:30am, Collect after 6pm on the same day.
Retail Price: $418.0/pc

VIP Price: $355.3/pc
VIP Price: $355.3/pc
Privilege Price: $334.4/pc
15% off to VIP
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    Cake Accessories:
  • Age (up to 3 digits):
  • Greeting Plate (Free or Fee applies):
  • Free greeting plate sample
  • Chocolate Plate:
    Chocolate plate greeting words sample

    * Please press "Enter" for a separate line on chocolate plate
    * max 12 Chinese words or 27 English letters (max 3 lines)
    Please enter the quantity ordered:

  • DIY Chocolate Alphabets, Numbers, Symbols - $5.0/pc:
  • DIY Chocolate Set (3 pcs /set) - $15.0 /set:
    Happy Party
  • Marzipan Longevity Peaches -
    $30.0/pair (S: Approx. 2.8cm x 2.8cm);
    $40.0/pair (M: Approx. 4.2cm x 4.2cm);
    $60.0/pair (L: Approx. 6.0cm x 6.0cm):