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Romance Cake
Filling : Mixed Berry Mousse, Strawberry Jelly, Butter Cake, Chocolate Crispy, Sponge Cake

Product Description :
Fantasy Cake with different themed decorations
Retail Price: $308.0/pc

VIP Price: $261.8/pc
VIP Price: $261.8/pc
Privilege Price: $246.4/pc
15% off to VIP
Dimension: around 1.7 pound
Quantity: pc(s)
    Cake Accessories:
  • Chocolate Crispy Layer
  • Greeting Plate (Free or Fee applies):
  • Free greeting plate sample
  • Chocolate Plate:
    Chocolate plate greeting words sample

    * Please press "Enter" for a separate line on chocolate plate
    * max 12 Chinese words or 27 English letters (max 3 lines)
    Please enter the quantity ordered:

  • DIY Chocolate Alphabets, Numbers, Symbols - $5.0/pc:
  • DIY Chocolate Set (3 pcs /set) - $15.0 /set:
    Happy Party
  • Marzipan Longevity Peaches -
    $30.0/pair (S: Approx. 2.8cm x 2.8cm);
    $40.0/pair (M: Approx. 4.2cm x 4.2cm);
    $60.0/pair (L: Approx. 6.0cm x 6.0cm):